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Re: Return a Debian system to a pristine state

Victor Sudakov wrote: 
> David Wright wrote:
> > 
> > How you feel about it can't alter the fact that reverting a system by
> > removing packages is a sysadmin-ish process: you administering the
> > system.
> This is more of a terminological question. Is a user installing or
> removing GIMP of FireFox really administering a system? Some
> administrative tasks are easy enough to be performed by users, and maybe
> (just maybe) the removal of extra software should be easy enough
> to be user-serviceable (i.e. not carry the risk of killing the system
> itself, or require sysadmin knowledge and reading of manual pages).

Quoting myself:

  The essence of the UNIX philosophy is not "make small
  utilities that can be fitted together with pipes" but to
  assume that at any moment, a user might decide to be a developer
  or a sysadmin and should have the tools to do that.

  The problems of UNIX generally come from assuming either that
  users are never devs and sysadmins, or that all users are devs
  and sysadmins.


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