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Re: [Kamil Jo?ca] Virtualbox vs qemu/virt-manager

Kamil Jo?ca wrote: 
> Please do not treat this as flame or sth.
> I used Virtualbox so far on my desktop box.
> Virtual machines are generally Windows (10,8.1,7, and ever ancient NT 4.0
> :) )
> I have been wondering for some time on migration to qemu.
> I tried to run test windows 8.1 guest and it looks promising.
> What I want:
> 1. isolated network for guests - no problem, already configured.
> 2. sharing folders between host and guest -  in virtualbox guest
> additions has such functionality, but it is ok to me use samba on host
> and mount volumes from guest.
> 3. shared clipboard - after installing client additions it worked.
> Things I couldn't do: keystrokes and full screen with keys.
> In virtualbox I am used to turn off machine by pressing "right_ctrl+H", show options
> by 'right_ctrl+Home', and so on, but I do not found how in virt-manager some key
> combination make view full-screen or send shutdown signal to guest.
> Is it even possible?

Sending a shutdown signal: yes, but it's client-dependent. In
virt-viewer it's a menu option.

Making it full-screen: two different ways. One is to set your
virt-viewer client to full screen; the other is to dedicate a
graphics adapter to your virtual machine and pass it through.

> Another question is graphics performance. Does anybody test/compare it in normal
> daily desktop  use? 

I have been told that pass-through graphics are quite close to
full native speed, and enable modern 3D games.

Non-passthrough is generally good enough for the use of Youtube
in a browser in Windows in a VM.


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