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Re: [CLARIFICATION] Re: Debian man pages have annoying feature(sic)

Richard Owlett wrote: 
> In a recent post a particular package was mentioned.
> I was not familiar with it.
> I went to appropriate URL under https://manpages.debian.org/buster .
> It did not explicitly answer my question.
> However, under "SEE ALSO" it stated that additional documentation would be
> under /usr/share/doc/...  .
> As package is not installed, that directory does *NOT* exist.


Option 1: Install the package. Now the docs are in

Option 2: Get the package (apt install -d will work, or acquire
it from the package web page) and uncompress it with ar in a
location of your choosing; then read the docs.

There may be other options, but each of these will work.


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