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Re: Can't get started

On Sb, 30 mai 20, 16:09:46, David Wright wrote:
> My only worry was whether systemd-networkd gives way gracefully
> to a configured ifupdown, or fights it like systemd-timesyncd vs ntp.

systemd-networkd is not enabled nor configured by default in buster.
> > > I've yet to see any virtue in using a static configuration¹ at home
> > > and dhcp everywhere else.
> > 
> > [...]
> > 
> > > ¹ Static, that is, from the point of view of the PC. I use static
> > > IP numbers, but they're issued by the router, which makes spotting
> > > any interlopers easier (assuming you reserve a range for
> > > "foreign" assignment).
> > 
> > ISP provided router with no support for DHCP reservations, combined with 
> > running something like barrier on the laptop.
> I can't understand what you're trying to describe here. My footnote
> was to explain that I appreciate a desire to have fixed IP addresses
> for devices when they're at home, but they're not going to hold as
> soon as you leave. I reserve everything up to .199 on my main router
> for devices we own, so that casual devices will appear as .2xx.
> Again, it's just a convenience.

Apparently we are talking about completely different things / past each 
other so, in my opinion, there is no value in discussing this further.

Kind regards,

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