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Re: Debian man pages have annoying feature(sic)

On Sb, 30 mai 20, 16:05:54, David Wright wrote:
> For man pages, I type   man foo   into google. That usually throws
> up one or two links from different sources.

I have/had these configured as search engines in Firefox (Vimium):

dpkg: https://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=%s
(Understands binary package names only)

bts: https://bugs.debian.org/%s
(Understands binary package names, source package names with 
src:<package>, and bug numbers)

pts: https://packages.qa.debian.org/%s
dpt: https://tracker.debian.org/%s
(These will show source packages only, but can search by binary or 
source package names. The PTS has been superseded by Tracker)

man: https://manpages.debian.org/%s
(Understands man pages only)
> If there were any chance I'd use the package, I'd download it via
> apt, to get it cached, and known to apt. But that requires root.

'apt download <package>' works also without root privileges because it 
downloads to the current directory (not APT's cache).

Kind regards,

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