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Re: Bringing CPAN,Gems, PIP, PyPi, etc. under APT package management

Keith Christian wrote:
> Are there any methods to create Debian packages for these (and
> similar) package tools (and the files they install) so that Debian's
> native packaging system has "inventory control" everything?
> I realize that software has been installed outside of APT's purview
> since the beginnings of Debian, but I wonder if there is any effort to
> corral these other packaging systems so APT can be the tool of choice
> for all package management.

  no, and i sure hope not!  do you know how many packages
are in those?

  PyPI is a few hundred thousand items.  CPAN i don't know
know, same with ruby or go.

  if you're doing that then you might as well toss github,
gitlab and salsa in there too.

  i repeat myself please don't!

  should be going the other way instead.  and i mean by that
that Debian is duplicating efforts that could be better spent
on other things instead.  once a language or system is set up
to figure out it's own dependencies why duplicate that effort?

  the more that is removed from the dependency chain is an
improvement for future freezes and getting transitions done


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