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Re: Understanding the two-year release cycle as a desktop user (and a Debian newcomer)

Miguel A. Vallejo wrote:
> I activelly follow the development of some programs in diverse areas
> (ham radio, astronomy, emulators, etc), and new versions usually
> appears in unstable months after release. The more prominent example
> is the kernel itself. Current version is 5.5.7, but unstable still
> have 5.4.19. When the statibily of your system depends on a feature or
> bug solved in a new kernel version, this can be distressing.
> Even with all this, I still prefer to use Debian.

  these days so much is happening in other repositories
that as much as possible for a project i want to follow
closely i'll just fork it on github and pull it to my
machine and use some form of an environment to localize
the changes (putting in more paths to binaries/libraries,

  i think a lot of what is packaged for debian is nice
and i appreciate the efforts of the people who do it but
with some code the developers have no idea of how to
do things properly and they are messing up so i have no
choice but to follow them (and regret it in one case 
because it's annoying to not have someone understand a
cycle of development which involves ideas like stable
vs. development and not introducing breaking changes too
frequently - like every minor release...*sigh*).


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