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Re: Bringing CPAN,Gems, PIP, PyPi, etc. under APT package management


On Sat, Feb 29, 2020 at 07:46:27AM -0700, Keith Christian wrote:
> Are there any methods to create Debian packages for these (and
> similar) package tools (and the files they install) so that Debian's
> native packaging system has "inventory control" everything?

dh-make-perl, gem2deb, pypi2deb to name a few.
Your question is too broad to suggest a specific way to do it.

> I realize that software has been installed outside of APT's purview
> since the beginnings of Debian, but I wonder if there is any effort to
> corral these other packaging systems so APT can be the tool of choice
> for all package management.

As long as language library (module, gem, whatever) is needed to satisfy
a dependency - it usually enters Debian main.


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