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Re: System unusably slow after Debian upgrade.


On Thu, Feb 27, 2020 at 03:11:10PM +0000, G.W. Haywood wrote:
> As the box was still running Jessie I had to do the move in two bites.
> First move from Jessie to Stretch, then from Stretch to Buster.  The
> entire process was a bit long-winded and spread over a couple of days,
> but seemed to go smoothly enough.  Immediately, the users started to
> complain about performance.  Not just a small reduction, but the sort
> of thing that makes the whole system completely unusable.  My estimate
> after looking at the response on the desktop is several hundred times
> slower than normal for this box.  If you click on a message in the
> list of messages presented by the mail client, instead of seeing the
> message in under a second you can go and have a coffee break and still
> get back before it's shown on the screen.

Just a wild guess, as I saw something similar after the upgrade to
Your users did not like new and shiny mq-deadline I/O scheduler.
Have you tried its alternative, bfq?

Barring that, have you tried lowering vm.dirty_ratio and
vm.background_dirty_ratio sysctls?


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