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Re: This is weird: I can ssh into a box, but I can't access it directly

On 2/26/20 8:52 AM, Dan Purgert wrote:
Are you ssh'ing in as root?  If not, is your user's $HOME on the
machine's failing disk, or another (remote?) drive?

and I replied (off-List, and *not* intentionally so):
Yes. As root.

Oh, and one other thing, the thing that brought this to my attention in the first place: something in the server cage is emitting a faint beep (or perhaps a faint squeak of a dying hard drive), every second or so. I think it's coming from that selfsame box.

I signed on again via ssh, intending to just shut the thing down for good, and noticed two things:
1. "shutdown" didn't work
2. It was telling me I'd last signed on sometime in January, when in fact, I'd signed on yesterday.

Further investigation of #1 led me to find out that it was getting a disk error just trying to shut itself down.

It's clearly toast. So I did a hard shutdown (and disconnected the power, for good measure.

And it *was* the source of the faint beeping.


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