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Re: Understanding the two-year release cycle as a desktop user (and a Debian newcomer)

Sam writes:
> I will give Testing a spin and will definitely take another look at
> the Debian derivatives. You also made me admire the Debian community,
> so that's a big plus on the
> reasons-why-I-definitely-need-to-switch-to-Debian list :)

A couple of suggestions if you decide to use Testing or Unstable.

Subscribe to the debian-devel list and scan the subject lines often
enough to be aware of upcoming transitions that might affect you or
kerfuffles that might make you want to delay upgrading until they are
resolved.  This doesn't really take much time.

*Don't* "track" Testing or Unstable by upgrading nightly.  I don't
understand why people want to do this.  A full upgrade (after a test
upgrade) about once a month is plenty.

If you have packages you need to have the current release of wait until
they've been available for a week or so without serious or important
bugs that would matter to you.  Then do a test upgrade so that you can
decide whether you can go right ahead, have to do a full upgrade to make
it work, or perhaps should wait a bit.

I've been doing this with Unstable for most of this century with very
few problems (and none recently).

And a caveat: I don't use either Gnome or KDE.
John Hasler 
Elmwood, WI USA

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