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Re: Understanding the two-year release cycle as a desktop user (and a Debian newcomer)

On Tue, 25 Feb 2020 19:18:10 -0600
John Hasler <jhasler@newsguy.com> wrote:

Hello John,

>*Don't* "track" Testing or Unstable by upgrading nightly.

I'm with songbird (and others).  It can be done, with care;

I subscribe to the 'Testing Changes' mailing list.
I subscribe to the 'Debian Developers' mailing list.
I subscribe to the 'Debian KDE' mailing list.
I update daily, but 'cherry pick' in the event of transitions that
_might_ have repercussions.

By reading, or at least scanning, those lists, I can update fairly
safely.  I only came unstuck once, and that simply resulted in me having
to enter a password twice at a login prompt.  A situation that was
rectified a couple of days later when KDM (as was in use at the time)
got updated.

I considered upgrading to sid, but decided against it because I'm far
from knowledgeable enough to sort problems out myself, should they arise.

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