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Looking for an inventory software which is free software and not IT-centric

Hello fellow list members,

I am looking for a software of which I am sure it exists, but I fail to find
online, thus asking if anybody might know such a thing? Of course, it is
best if it is included on Debian, even better if in stable :) . If not, it
should at least compile+run on it. I am looking for free software (as per
DFSG) that does not depend on registration or proprietary servers.

## The problem

I am trying to keep track of a local inventory (say 1000 items) for which I
would like to keep track of the location and descriptive details ("What it
is and where it is").

## Tried so far and features sought

My first attempt was to write the software myself, but as it depends on
JavaFX, it seems not to be so future-proof (I did not get it to run on
Debian Buster yet -- currently using a stretch VM with X11 redirection to
run it). Anyways, it is not an "optimal" piece of software, so it is time to
check for alternatives again.

Typical functions I am using:

* Table with all inventory items
* Search for an item by typing part of its description
* Search for an item by scanning its barcode (with a real barcode
  scanner connected to a real computer, no smartphones involved)
* Add new items to the inventory. For this, the workflow is
  (1) print some barcodes (I currently have e.g. 50 codes printed out
      ready to stick on something),
  (2) open an "inventory add" dialog,
  (3) scan the code,
  (4) add the description + other metadata,
  (5) save item...
      onwards from step 3 for the next item.
* If it is available, I think I would also keep track of the modifications
  of locations throughout history and/or periodically check if everything is
  in place properly. If the software facilitates this, all the better

Searching online, I find a lot of software for keeping track of network
components (switches, servers, etc.) My use case is more broad and includes
books and other items as well. On the other hand, I do not need IT-specific
functions like checking if a component is online or such.

So far, I found that there is a software called `partkeeper` which despite
having a seemingly very complex user interface, goes in the direction of
what I am searching. In my own implementation, I had the buttons coded with
barcodes such that I could alternate my hands between the barcode scanner
and the keyboard, invoking the application's controls by scanning a code on
the screen rather than with the mouse. I have never seen this in other
software, although knowing that it is an "ancient" user interface pattern --
if a software can be made to work in this style, it would also be very

## Alternatives

Current alternatives if I do not find anything better:

* Try to design some forms with Libreoffice Base.
  I know that I tried that once already and it did not go so well.
* Re-Write my program. Would a database make more sense or
  might it be better to have a single CSV-style table?

Suggestions welcome, thanks in advance

I am subscribed to the list, no need for additional personal copies :)
I hope this is not off-topic...

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