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Re: how to seamlessly play audio clip

On 07.02.20 23:53, Long Wind wrote:
> i use mplayer -loop 0 to play white noise(it might help sleep by masking other noise)
> but when it reach end and restart to play againthere's some interval, which isn't desirable
> any mplayer option or other player i can use so that it plays seamlessly??

I find it very effectively masks barking neighbourhood dogs and dripping
water. Most pleasant has been a Surf Sound Generator I built from a kit
around 40 years ago. It adds 3 long-period (several seconds) RC
oscillators, which amplitude modulate the slightly pink noise. Their
different periods keep them out of phase, like random waves whooshing up
a beach.

A little bit of low-pass filtering of white noise makes it a bit pink. I
find modest low frequency emphasis more relaxing - and perhaps a little
better at masking, as it is the low frequencies which travel.

And it's cheaper than double or triple glazing.


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