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Re: how to seamlessly play audio clip

On 2020-02-07, Long Wind <longwind2@yahoo.com> wrote:
> i use mplayer -loop 0 to play white noise(it might help sleep by
> masking other noise) but when it reach end and restart to play
> againthere's some interval, which isn't desirable any mplayer option
> or other player i can use so that it plays seamlessly??

You don't specify what species of file this is, but 

 mplayer -fixed-vo -loop 0

where '-fixed-vo' prevents reopening of the display (if indeed there is one)
between repeats might help.

I don't have mplayer so I can't verify experimentally.

I do have cvlc and tried

 cvlc TAKE04.WAV --start-time 10 --stop-time 30 --repeat

and discerned no pause at the end (or at beginning).

As you're dealing with white noise, I see no pressing need to go all the
way to the end of the file (nor even to start at the beginning). 

The above loops a twenty second slice.

Bonne nuit!

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