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Re: 3200G Ryzen 3 / Vega 8 for Buster?

Sven Joachim composed on 2020-02-05 11:51 (UTC+0100):

> On 2020-02-05 02:55 -0500, Felix Miata wrote:

>> Is it enough to upgrade to buster-backports kernel and AMD firmware to run Xorg on
>> the 3200G CPU/APU?

> That should be enough, at least to get a picture on the screen and run
> X.  I am not sure about 3D acceleration, this might need a newer Mesa
> version than in buster, and there is no backport yet.

>> The R7 Kaveri motherboard/APU of a friend who is virtually
>> blind fried. When he has hardware trouble, it's me gets to figure out howto and
>> fix it. He bought the new goodies on assumption they are enough for support from
>> Stable, but apparently that's not the case. X is not able to run, as Xorg.0.log
>> reports there is no framebuffer device or /dev/dri/card0.

> Support for the 3200G was added in Linux 4.20 and buster uses 4.19, so
> this is to be expected.
I have also openSUSE 15.1 and 15.2alpha on the same PC. 15.2 works fine. 15.1
differs little in behavior from Buster, and 15.2's 5.3.18 kernel doesn't help
booted to 15.1.

Is Bullseye due this year? All I could find says no release date set. :(
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