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Re: Bootable USB Buster System

Richard Owlett wrote:

> Would what you do explicitly depend on EFI?
> I don't have a clear idea of what Kenneth described in his original post.
> HOWEVER, having such a system might be worthwhile to explore some of my
> ideas. I have a collection of elderly machines, some with only legacy

My requirement, I described above, was to prepare a bootable USB from a RHEL
server, which uses EFI. I have done this before many times on Debian
without EFI. I will test this with Buster and post the steps here next.

I use such USB sticks for resque operations or when I need to for example
extend a root partition, or whatever you can imagine.

Regarding older hardware, it might be  that the kernel does not support this
or that. You know Debian does not support CPU<=586 and might be that some
drivers are missing, but when you run from the USB, you will know for sure.


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