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Re: Good advice on Linux (debian) compatible microscope

Doug McGarrett wrote:

> You haven't said what you're going to look at, but in my humble opinion,
> if you only want to LOOK, not record, a binocular optical microscope
> with a ring light and under slide illumination option is the way to go.
> I don't know if a high magnification microscope like you're describing
> is available with a zoom function, as lower gain units are, but if there
> is a zoom function available, get it.

OK - thank you this sounds like a classical microscope

> I am personally familiar with much lower gain instruments, for
> inspecting and assembling electronic circuits using surface mount
> devices. That kind of microscope would use about 7X to 20X zoom
> magnification.

yes but modern electronics get smaller and smaller - factor of 10x is not

> If you want to record, there are optical microscopes with a "third eye"
> where a camera can be installed, and the camera could be an electronic
> camera with output to a computer.

this is also a good idea

> When you know for sure what kind of scope you want, look to eBay or a
> similar source--microscopes are quite expensive!
> --doug, retired RF Engineer

One thing I would like to use it for is electronics and another thing is for
the children that are in school. So I wouldn't spend too much for
professional optics (lenses) that are indeed quite expensive, but I may
consider the other options you mentioned. I am also kind of reserved when
it comes to modern things. They usually sell you some crap made in china.


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