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Re: Good advice on Linux (debian) compatible microscope

On 10/26/2019 02:02 PM, deloptes wrote:

I read some time ago a discussion here about microscope and I am thinking
for long time to buy one.
I have no idea what I have to look at, so I hope someone would help make the
right choice. Here are some of the requirements and questions I have

         400x zoom is OK, but I saw also one with 500
         price <=200,-
         stand alone and PC use (implies display and USB)
         not hand held
         linux (debian) support

         the few I had a look at say they support AV out. What does it mean?
         is the quality good enough? does such one supports also video over USB?
         the few I saw say they use Li-Io battery - is it reliable/replaceable
         (I know that some Li-Io batteries are very rear.)
         it says also optic zoom 200 and digital zoom 400

Thanks in advance

You haven't said what you're going to look at, but in my humble opinion, if you only want to LOOK, not record, a binocular optical microscope with a ring light and under slide illumination option is the way to go. I don't know if a high magnification microscope like you're describing is available with a zoom function, as lower gain units are, but if there is a zoom function available, get it. I am personally familiar with much lower gain instruments, for inspecting and assembling electronic circuits using surface mount devices. That kind of microscope would use about 7X to 20X zoom magnification. If you want to record, there are optical microscopes with a "third eye" where a camera can be installed, and the camera could be an electronic camera with output to a computer. When you know for sure what kind of scope you want, look to eBay or a similar source--microscopes are quite expensive!

--doug, retired RF Engineer

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