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Re: Firefox Seems to Have a Mind of It's Own

Kenneth Parker wrote:

> And note that people use Debian all over the world, with all sorts of
> Primary Languages.   Ken Heard is pointing out, exactly why English is one
> of the hardest Languages to learn especially from Asian Countries.   But
> this sort of issue (its verses it's) hits people hard, learning English
> from the Latin-Based Countries.
> Kenneth [got a mid-term F in 5th Grade English] Parker

What? I learned 4 languages and English was the easiest one. The key is to
start as soon as possible because by the age of 7 the linguistic center in
the brain stops actively developing. Unfortunately my parents did not know
that and I had to spend a lot of time in the library.

So to save the trouble for your children get them as soon as possible to
learn foreign language ... perhaps I should omit "foreign". IMO the modern
education system is deliberately bad, so that you may stay dumb. Children
do not learn their own mother language and when I did a small research  how
it was in the 18th century, following came up.

2 years grammar (means latin language)
2 years logic
2 years rhetoric
- after this you can learn whatever you want

It is very simple:
- if you do not know the language (grammar) there is no point.
- if you do not know the laws of logic there is no point.
- if you do not know how to communicate there is no point.

I demand that it is brought back, cause I can not stand talking or most of
the time listening to idiots.
Everybody underestimates how dangerous these people are (at any level in
society). They are left and right in the news on the street , in the office
etc. While in the 18th century they were stamped as idiots and forced to
live at the border of society, nowdays they become the normal.

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