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Re: Accessing a host with variable IP addresses / connection types

Celejar wrote:

> I don't get it - IIUC, this sort of thing will work if a given system
> is always available via a remote connection. In such a case, we can set
> up the routes so that clients on the local network know to route
> packets to the given system through the VPN server. But in my case, the
> given system is sometimes available locally and sometimes remotely -
> how will the local systems know when to send packets locally and when
> to send them through the gateway?

OK, understood finally!
What prevents you using the same IP over the VPN IP - you would have two IPs
when connected over VPN. I have not tested this, but could think it should
work. Still need to add a route on the machine in the home network that
needs to send to the same IP to find this IP in the VPN.

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