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Re: Accessing a host with variable IP addresses / connection types

On Fri, 25 Oct 2019 21:44:44 +0200
deloptes <deloptes@gmail.com> wrote:

> Celejar wrote:
> > Furthermore, changing the addressing scheme is insufficient to solve
> > the problem: say the home network uses, and the VPN is
> > configured to assign the same address to the laptop that it gets when
> > it's connected locally. How do hosts on the local network that want
> > to initiate connections to the laptop know whether to send packets
> > directly over ethernet, or to forward them via the VPN host? I suppose
> This is a mess. Use for example for home and for VPN.
> Obviously you use VPN to protect a home network from external access. In the
> VPN you do this - this is why it is called virtual private network. It is a
> different one than your home network.

I think that you are still missing the point - I understand well that
this is all very easy if the system in question is always available via
the VPN, but I'm looking to set things up so that it's reachable
seamlessly by local systems regardless of whether it's connected
locally or via the VPN.

> > I'd need something like ProxyArp, but can you point me to user-friendly,
> > authoritative documentation for using it on *nix systems? And I'd still
> > need some mechanism for switching ProxyArp on and off depending on
> > whether the laptop is connected locally or remotely. And even if I got
> > it working properly, I'd have a non-standard networking configuration
> > that will almost certainly come back to bite me as some hard to
> > diagnose problem down the line ;)
> > 
> OpenVPN does all this for you. you need to spend some time configuring, but
> once done, it works forever and AFAIR the documentation is very good and
> the example configs too.
> > I'm no networking expert - if there's a good solution for all this, do
> > let me know - but as I mentioned in my first post reviving this thread,
> > we discussed this for a while back then, and no one had a very good
> > solution to offer.
> Well, some basics you should read - you also drive a car with driving

And what basics might these be? I've searched and read extensively on
this question, without success.

> license. Even for a bicycle you need some knowledge. It is worth reading
> this than FB or other crap.

Once again, you keep ignoring what I wrote. I'm using wireguard, not
OpenVPN, and I've noted that it's hard to find general documentation on
things like ProxyArp. I do recall coming across the OpenVPN
documentation, but I didn't find it sufficient for my question (which
you seem to keep misunderstanding or misconstruing).


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