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Re: Top 7 Programming Languages That Employers Really Want

John Hasler wrote: 
> Joe writes:
> > Spend an hour or two with the job advertisements (which is what the OP
> > needs to do) to see the enormous range of what employers *think* they
> > want, and this is what the young ladies in HR will definitely require
> > of an applicant.
> Especially amusing are the ads that demand five years experience
> something invented four years ago.

My college roommate spent a summer doing an internship at Sun
Microsystems, helping write the manual for a new language they
were releasing.

So, when recruiters were asking for five years of Java
experience three years later, he was one of very few people not
employed at Sun who could reasonably claim that.

Years are a terrible way to judge experience. So are most other
ways, though.


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