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Re: Buster: any graphical browser not depending on systemd?

tomas@tuxteam.de writes:

On Sat, Oct 19, 2019 at 02:46:38PM +0200, Étienne Mollier wrote:


> What kind of dependency resolution (attempt) do you get from
> your install command, if you try to keep the browser package,
> this way for instance:
> 	# apt install sysvinit-core firefox-esr

although funny (I do have sysvinit-core installed, and when just
issuing "apt install firefox-esr", apt wants to remove sysvinit-core
and install systemd), I gave it a whirl, and lo and behold... it

Hello tomás,

if I understand the difference between the commands correctly, the
specification of an already-installed package in an install command causes
the packaging system to consider only such operations that leave the listed
packages in place.

I believe the phenomenon you are experiencing might be due to some
`Recommends`-type dependencies (somewhere on the way from `firefox-esr`)
which eventally recommend the installation of systemd. If you want to
explore the situation interactively, I would suggest trying the `install
firefox-esr` command with `aptitude` instead of `apt`. Usually, `aptitude`
will give some reasons followed by some actions that resolve dependencies
(might include removing sysvinit-core and installing systemd). It is then
possible to ``reject'' the solution or to reject part of the solution
interactively and explore other valid package combinations. Many times,
aptitude also prints a list of "this will leave the following dependencies
unresolved" (or similar) which indicates `Recommends`-type dependencies
which are not fulfilled if this choice of packages is installed. If you see
that with systemd, you might have found the package that recommends it and
is "responsible" for the behaviour you are seeing?

(Before really installing I'll record both results of apt -s install,
with and without sysvinit-core added in...

Now to read more on apt pinning. Perhaps I've to give sysvinit-core
a higher prio.

(I have never used apt pinnig, so no idea how it changes things here...)


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