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Re: Buster: any graphical browser not depending on systemd?

On 19/10/2019 11.42, tomas@tuxteam.de wrote:
> Hi,
> just upgraded to buster. Things went (mostly) smoothly -- thanks to
> all the kind souls at Debian!
> Just realized that firefox-esr seems (perhaps I'm wrong?) to depend on
> systemd now.
>   - am I holding it wrong?
>   - is there an alternative?
> BTW. midori seems to depend on systemd too.
> Thanks for any pointers, cheers
> -- tomas

Hi tomás,

After applying upgrades, while switching my Buster test machine
to sysvinit-core, several things go away, but firefox-esr ain't
one of those.  The machine was installed from Debian 10 ISO, so
it may be a peculiarity with your upgrade from Debian Stretch.

What kind of dependency resolution (attempt) do you get from
your install command, if you try to keep the browser package,
this way for instance:

	# apt install sysvinit-core firefox-esr

I don't exclude to have done things the wrong way myself, in my
test though...

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