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Re: Debian Installer, Manual Partitioning is a Joke

@Linux-Fan thanks for the screenshots, they are very helpful.

In my opinion the Debian installer is awesome, best in the business.
it is very powerful, but intimidating... that was the main reason I used the derivatives until just the last few years.

But to be honest we (users) need to work on helping the developers making Debian more accessible.

On 10/14/19 2:08 PM, Linux-Fan wrote:
Wayne Sallee writes:

The non-graphical needs work too:


so here it's non-graphical...

There's no manual partitioning option without going first to guided
partitioning, so if you don't like the way it wants to partition the drive, and you look for manual parition, that option is not available. Odly enough the manual partition option is only available inside the guided partition

I think this should not be the case.

There's a false warning about no root file system defined. Chosing "continue" gets you back to the partition options, and the root partition shows normal, but if you chose the root partition to fix it, there are a lot of options missing. It's broken. You have to choose "back", or "guided" partitioning to
fix it.

So if you want to follow along for the ride, put the 10.1.0 Live Install CD
in, and when you get to the partition option,

...and here it's graphical. Which one does not offer manual partitioning from the beginning?

Graphical Debian Installer


Language, and other stuff :-)


Guided Use Entire Disk

Why? Why not chose manual partitioning? The option is there...


I'm tired of this.

I'm using the non-graphical version from now on.


I prefer the non-graphical version as well, but I had no issues doing manual
partitioning with the GUI (without venturing first into the guided
partitioning submenu, which I have never used), see these step-by-step images:



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