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Re: Debian Installer, Manual Partitioning is a Joke

I decided to try out the non-graphical installation version, and it works good. I like it. It works the way it should work.

But the graphical version is horrible. From now on I will stick with the non-graphical version for installing Debian.

With the graphical version, some items when you click on them, you get some kind of results, other items when you click on them, do nothing.
With the graphical version, it takes you in circles. Around and around you go, where you'll stop nobody knows.
With the graphical version it takes for ever to try to get simple things done.

With the non-graphical version, I can zip through it quickly and get it set up the way I want, and be done with it in a short time.

Wayne Sallee

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Wayne Sallee writes:

What partitioning tool are you talking about?

Wayne Sallee

When I think of the debian partitioning tool, I think of this one:


It is very good in the sense that it exposes a lot of features (e.g. wrt.
RAID, Encryption and LVM) in a consistent user interface. At least it is
much more consistent, than interacting with the different software pieces
for RAID, Encryption, LVM separately.

It has worked well for me every time I used it and that was possibly ~30
times and at least three different Debian versions (I think I installed
lenny, squeeze, stretch). It has not stayed exactly the same between the
versions, but it does not change in ways that would confuse users which know
(any?) previous version.

I have seen a lot of other partitioning tools, integrated in installers and
outside of them. Outside installers, tools are often more focused on a
specific task (like Gparted to do partitions and partition tables but not
RAID setup etc) which means one would need to learn multiple tools to
achieve a working system. To learn how it works, I also setup MDADM-Raid
and LUKS-Encryption a few times by using the respective tools, but it was
much more involved than just relying on the installer. From my point of
view, the installer does such good a job at partitioning, that it would make
sense to have just that feature as a standalone program to call on systems
which are already installed [I know that I can boot the installer for this,
but partitioning without stopping unaffected services would be nice, too].

The other partitioning systems I have seen in installers were often quite
strange, because they tend to offer a "guided" mode like Debian, but in the
"manual" mode still do some (to me sometimes unexpected) things
automatically. E.g. if you install Windows 10, IIRC, there is a manual
partitioning step which automatically creates two partitions if you create
one for the system drive... Another style of installation is with the CentOS
installer: I think I like it acceptably well, too. But being a more "modern"
looking GUI program, I must admit that for the few times I have used that
installer's partitioning features (three times or so), I needed to figure
out how to "apply" my changes anew each time. Debian's dialog-driven wizard-
like interface requires a few more keystrokes, but makes indicates quite
clearly if it has taken a user's input or not, thus I think it is better-
suited for this critical but rarely-executed task.

[Note that I am not N. Dobigeon, just /my/ opinion on what the Debian
Partitioning tool and its merits are in case it might help to find out what
exactly is wrong about the partitioning step and how it can be improved...]


*Subject: *  Re: Debian Installer, Manual Partitioning is a Joke
*From: *     Nicolas Dobigeon
Your mail is a joke,
I think debian partitionning tool is the best i tried.
It's your taste but don't tell it's a joke.

Le 29/09/2019 à 16:56, Wayne Sallee a écrit :
Debian really needs to work on the manual partitioning part of the

It's absolutely pathetic.


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