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Re: Mate desktop delay

On 10/14/19 11:13 AM, songbird wrote:
Frank McCormick wrote:
I find it strange the random bug does not delay boot time in my case,
but apparently does delay the appearance of the desktop after GDM.

   i'm running MATE from testing with lightdm, and haven't
experienced this problem ever.  i have had a few boot and
shutdown delays by something hanging, but it wasn't the
desktop (and that hasn't happened for some time now).


   After taking a closer look at the systemd journal
I found this line which seems to be the culprit.

gnome-keyring-daemon[31822]: couldn't set environment variable in session: Timeout was reached

The delay is 10 to 15 seconds..which matches more or less the time stamps before and after.

Does anybody have a clue which this is about ?

Frank McCormick

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