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Re: What is the purpose for the files within the /home/user/.cache/menus?

Susmita/Rajib wrote: 
> To,
> The Team Debian LXDE Maintainers,
> pkg-lxde-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org
> &
> The Team Debian User,
> "debian-user" <debian-user@lists.debian.org>,
> My illustrious dear Team Leaders,

We're just users.

> I have found two files that appear to be named encrypted in the
> directory /home/user/.cache/menus.
> So I have two queries:
> (1) What are the roles of these two files?

Anything in a directory named cache or .cache should be presumed
to be temporary storage that the user can reasonably delete at
any time. The program using it should suffer nothing worse than
a slowdown as it rebuilds the information.


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