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Re: Email based attack on University

On Thursday, October 03, 2019 06:23:20 AM Andrew McGlashan wrote:
> There have been numerous bugs with LookOut (otherwise known as
> Outlook), running scripts and having other vulnerabilities due to
> preview pane being open.  I try to encourage people NOT to have a
> preview pane, but people will still do what they want even if you tell
> them it is potentially dangerous.

Ahh, a preview pane -- I don't believe I've encountered that term before, but 
I'm guessing that means the pane (for example, in kmail) which shows the 
content of an email as soon as it is selected from the list of emails in a 
folder (and before you press enter, if ever, to open the email in a separate 
stand alone window)?

And, I suppose then, that the same vulnerabilities that you allude to are 
present in (at least older versions of) kmail?

(I'm still using Wheezy with kmail 1.13.7 as my daily driver.)

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