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Re: Easiest way to do VGA to Text

On 07/31/2019 02:22 PM, deloptes wrote:
Joe Pfeiffer wrote:

I used tesseract-ocr, mentioned previously, a couple of years ago with
very good success.  Also, the problem he's trying to solve is much

what means very good success? You had to proof read it at the end - time
spent. For me either something works or it doesn't none of them worked even
close to good

simpler than the general OCR problem; he's got the actual correct pixels
(rather than a scan), and maybe even have knowledge of what fonts are
used.  That makes a huge difference.

I doubt it - really! Let me know at the end. I am curious.


Does your repo have cuneiform? I found that cuneiform works LOTS better than tesseract. (You can find cuneiform in the rpmfind app, and convert it with alien if you can't find a deb version.)


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