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Re: Debian 10 logrotate

On 2019-07-21 02:42 +0000, Tan Shao Yi wrote:

> I upgraded to Debian 10 recently and it looks like logrotate is not
> working on files outside the /var directory:

This is correct.

> For example,
> Jul 21 00:00:01 server-name logrotate[8874]: error: error renaming
> /usr/local/apache/logs/https-error_log.12.gz to
> /usr/local/apache/logs/https-error_log.13.gz: Read-only file system
> Jul 21 00:00:03 server-name logrotate[8874]: error: unable to open /usr/local/backup/mysql/mysql.sql.1 for compression
> The files are present, and I am able to logrotate them manually as
> root when I run logrotate against the config files in
> /etc/logrotate.d--it just fails when it is run automatically.
> May I know if something has changed recently to cause this?

It is the ProtectSystem=full directive in logrotate.service which causes
/usr to be mounted read-only for logrotate.  See the SANDBOXING section
in systemd.exec(5).

You can make /usr/local writable with
"systemctl edit logrotate.service", enter the following line:


in your editor and you're done.


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