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Re: [solved?] Can't Upgrade to Buster

On Sun, 7 Jul 2019 08:44:52 -0500
Mark Allums <mark@allums.email> wrote:

Hello Mark,

{snip explanation of synaptic behaviour}
I was already aware of synaptic's behaviour, I use it myself quite a
bit, but thanks for the explanation.  It's as well to get it on list so
others can be informed.  I always try to remember that for every person
that asks a question there may be ten (or more) people who are too shy
to do so, but equally keen for an answer.

>I am not exactly sure why you are concerned about "mixed repos".

Personally, I'm not.  However, the nature of your questions indicated to
me that you aren't entirely at home fiddling with this stuff.  I stress;
to me.  It also seems I may have come to the wrong conclusion about your 
capabilities in this area.  My apologies.

Having a mixture of stable and testing under certain circumstances can
be a recipe for disaster.  Check the list archives; there are quite a
few examples of people getting into a mess when mixing repos in this way.

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