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Re: Assorted arm-buster problems - network configuration

On Sb, 06 iul 19, 18:14:04, Gene Heskett wrote:
> If you read the full thread, you will find where I found and fixed that 
> problem, by killing dhcpd5 with htop, and restarting networking, and 
> the problem was fixed, everything then worked correctly, 

Did you ever find out why dhcpcd5 was even starting?

As far as I know DHCP clients start only when called by network managing 
software (ifupdown, network-manager, etc.), or some custom networking 
scripts on your system. In this case it might show up again on the next 

BTW, it's still not clear to me whether this is about a clean buster 
install or some image based on buster.

Kind regards,

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