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Re: Attributing (was: Choice of VMs under i386 Stretch?)

On Sat 06 Jul 2019 at 11:16:19 (-0400), Stefan Monnier wrote:
> >> (General observation: it's really quite annoying that you remove all 
> >> attribution when you quote previous emails in your replies.)
> > It really is very annoying, primarily because it's intentional, and so
> > intentionally annoying, which is really, really annoying.
> Interesting.  I never read attributions so find them useless, and most
> of the time my intention is to reply to the particular chunk of text
> that I quote regardless of who wrote it.  Furthermore in the rare cases
> where it's important to know who wrote it, it should be trivial to
> lookup the parents in the thread.
> [ I do find myself having to look at the parents in a thread fairly
>   often, tho not to figure out who wrote it but in order to get more
>   context to better understand what was meant.  ]

If you're reading this list from emails, and are trying to keep
mailboxes at a reasonable size, then it might *not* be trivial to
look up the thread. And that's the basis of netiquette: thinking
of other people in the group.

Hence, we don't top-post, try to quote sensibly sized extracts,
respect quoting syntax conventions, and avoid breaking the
Message-ID threading where possible, and so on.

In a technical list like this, attributions help greatly in weighing the
words of the contributions. Over a period, people build up a picture
of the various contributors' expertise. (Sorry, but I have none.)


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