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Re: Assorted arm-buster problems - network configuration

On Thursday 04 July 2019 16:44:14 tomas@tuxteam.de wrote:

> On Thu, Jul 04, 2019 at 09:42:11PM +0100, Brian wrote:
> > On Thu 04 Jul 2019 at 22:05:09 +0200, tomas@tuxteam.de wrote:
> [...]
> > > As always, all generalizations suck. Some do avahi, others don't
> > > (full disclosure: I am in the "don't" camp, as many may have
> > > guessed :-)
> >
> > If nobody objects I would like to reword that statement. Many, many
> > users will have avahi-daemon on their systems; a few won't. The idea
> > that
> >
> >   > Not installing this software in the first place works even
> >   > better.
> >
> > requires clarification.
> Clever move :-)
> Cheers
> -- t

Just one problem when dealing with an armhf or arm64 that u-boots.  Short 
of writing the image to the u-sd, then mounting it and editing that 
image to delete the stuff, which is how I will do the next image I burn, 
there is with the present method of assembling that image, no way to 
prevent its installation. That build script needs a user usable editor. 
But I've no clue if that script has ever been publicly shared.

I will be very interested in the armbian release, which apparently uses 
xfce4, but I've not noted that they have an image for the armhf's.  The 
arm64 version running on a 4Gig rock64 is very impressive, at least 10x 
faster than the pi. And so far stable.  I only know of one app that will 
crash it, amanda, the backup program.  When the server touches it to get 
an estimate, it locks up tight till a powerdown reboot.  Stretch 

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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