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Re: Assorted arm-buster problems - network configuration

On Thursday 04 July 2019 06:15:56 mick crane wrote:

> On 2019-07-04 09:42, Gene Heskett wrote:
> <snipped>
> > Sorry, I don't see it that way, I see a concentrated effort to make
> > me use dhcpd, instead of static, every machine in the system knows
> > the address of ALL the other machines on my local 192.168.xx.nn/24
> > network.
> >
> > Using dhcp means I'd have to setup a 2nd this side of my router. I
> > will try to make ssh work later today, and I will reanswer this
> > message if I can do that.
> I like having ipfire or pfsense  on a separate box doing DHCP server.
> you can make other PCs static by making their lease fixed.
> and then everything is in one place.
> well that's how I understand it anyway.
> mick.
I do have a dhcpd configured in dd-wrt. but its set to only respond to 
the MAC's of my sons smartfones when they come by and I enable the 
radio. That way their phones can use my bandwidth. If I could control 
which way those are bridged so the local AMC's see locals at fixed 
addresses, while the wifi stuff is bridged only to the internet, that 
would be ideal.  But I don't believe I can control the bridge direction 
based on the MAC of the client. So I'd have to setup a separate server, 
ideally in the distribution switch, that assigned a dhcp address 
according to the incoming MAC. In my lashup, I have a managed switch, 
but its running the default setup which does not enable a dhcpd, if it 
even has one.  And I can't think of a way to ping picnc, and reliably 
hit 192.168.xx.yy, the address of picnc. Using host files for local dns 
is so much simpler.

Now I've been standing in front of its monitor for about an hour, a neck 
breaker because its well above my eye level. With NIX-Crafts ip tutorial 
in hand, trying to get rid of the default route in the 169.254 range, 
and while it may not return a syntax error thats usually gibberish, 
showing something thats totally disconnected from what I told it to do, 
there is no way in hell to delete the 169.junk from an ip r report. And 
this is with a sudo in front of whatever.

If I try to ping yahoo.com it properly asks my isp's dns for an address 
for yahoo, gets it and displays it but then pings it from the 169 
address, which is of coarse sent to /dev/null in the router if it even 
gets that far as it must traverse the switch to get that far.

I've tried to dpkg --purge the dhcp* stuff I can see, but dpkg says its 
not installed so it must be in the kernel, a non-realtime 4.19.50 for 
armhf.  So unless someone can tell me how to nuke, or at least change 
its preference for the 169 crap as defaults, this rpi-3b will never be 
able to run on buster. I must be able to make it use the 
192.168.nn.hostname-address for everything. But something is overriding 

What is it?  And can I nuke or otherwise disable it?

The scripts in /etc/init.d for both avahi-daemon and dhcpd have been 
removed by rm.  Made absolutely zero difference to an ip a or ip r 
report. I can only conclude that systemd thinks its smarter than me. I 
have armbian installed on a rock64, and there I had a heck of a time 
with the stretch version of this same routing problem, but duplicating 
that setup on buster, and getting working results cannot be done with 
the tools at hand.

Someone gave me a link to a systemd tut, a pdf I was gonna print but its 
almost 40 pages thats both 5 years out of date, and by page 2 has 
dissolved into undecypherable jargon that needs translated to working 
English. Is there an uptodate one for dummies that actually covers 

Thanks everybody.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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