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Buster RC2 , KDE , icons's untuitive interactions.

KDE Plasma 5.14.5

I drag and drop a menu entry (e.g: firefox) on
the desktop and i choose a copy to be made.
I notice that the icon will have a (!) on it until
i execute it first. ( why is the '!' needed?)

So :

$ cd Desktop
$ ls
-rw-r--r--  1 chomwitt chomwitt 5,0K Μαΐ   2  2018 org.kde.kcalc.desktop

Desktop->Right click on new KCalc icon->Settings->(General tab)->change the text field KCalc to KCalc2 and click Ok.

The icon name on the desktop will remain KCalc.

$ ls -al
-rwxr--r--  1 chomwitt chomwitt 9260 Ιουλ  2 02:13 KCalc2.desktop

Now if again :
Desktop->Right click KCalc icon->Settings->(General tab)-> We see that
the field has the KCalc value.

So from the result is as if that field was used to change the filename of the Icon but not either the name of the icon or the name of the Settings/General/(appname?) field.

So all that interaction (which was the same in debian 9) seems to me without logic. Cant we do sthn to change it please???


ps: /usr/share/applications/org.kde.kcalc.desktop is the system-wide file
and links will point to that. Meaning you wont be able to change icon's settings.. (isnt that strange too?)

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