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Re: How Buster release may affect Unstable?

On 7/1/19 10:24 AM, Default User wrote:
> Hi.
> Easy question, maybe hard to answer . . . 
> Is someone has an existing conventional Unstable setup (nothing exotic
> in hardware or software), what if any special actions should be taken
> before, during, or after the impending release of the new Stable?

Be ready for Unstable to become...well, unstable again.

Right now Unstable is mostly frozen due to the imminent release of
Buster. Shortly (immediately?) after Buster is released, Unstable will
be unfrozen, and the good 'ol Debian Sid everyone knows and loves will
be back.

Remember: the purpose of Debian Unstable is to be a development platform
to develop the NEXT Stable. Breakage can, and will, occur on occasion,
and system stability is not guaranteed.

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