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Re: Update Stretch to Buster sources.list file

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>What is the best way to edit the above anything from the 0ad reference
>and below, or should I comment these out and once buster is out add in
>the correct lines from the various source websites (e.g for 0ad the
>website will have the instructions).
>The last time I did this I used a fresh install of 9.x and then changed
>sources.list to reference buster so the other 3rd party software wasn't

I don't understand the question?  The "best way to edit" means you have 
some third party stuff and you want to know how to handle it before the 
upgrade?  That is usually in the release notes, probably still being 
written but I have seen a few links to the current ver for buster, have 
you read it?

I don't understand you saying, "...I used a fresh install of 9.x and then 
changed sources.list to reference buster..." because that is a definite 
negative.  There is no reason (at this point) to install stretch and then 
upgrade to buster.  So go back and don't do that.

If you are saying you have been running a mixed (stretch/buster)system and 
want to upgrade that mixed system, then my advice is GOOD LUCK.

All in all, a poor description of the problem, but I'm sure people will 
chime in anyway.

Good Luck,

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