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Re: OT: HDD Adapter for fujitsu Server 2,5" to 3,5"

basti wrote: 
> Hallo,
> we have some Fujitsu TX 150 Server with 3,5" HDD and want to install
> SSD's (2,5"). We are looking for an adapter usable for HDD Caddy
> FSC A3C40056861 or A3C40032808.
> All I have found is an Howto to glue the SSD into the A3C40056861 but I
> think it's not an good idea if I must change the SSD for some reason.
> I don't want to have extra electrical parts inside of the adapter and
> between the backplane and the ssd if possible.
> Are there any experience with this?

I don't know your specifics, but these:

go inside most caddys and position the 2.5" disk so that the
interfaces are where the 3.5" SATA standard expects them.


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