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Re: kernel regression from stable to testing (acpi lid / EEEpc 1215p)

Il 07/01/19 20:09, Michael Lange ha scritto:

Since the error message looks different from yours I guess that this is
probably a completely different issue, though.

Most likely you're right, however there was quite a big rewrite of ACPI in 4.10 and I wouldn't rule it out completely.

I believe reporting to debian is the best so long as you use a debian kernel.
If you want to report to kernel.org probably they'll expect that you
compile and try their kernel first.

That wouldn't be a problem: the thing is so old that it probably makes no difference. Anyhow, since my laptop is running the stock debian kernel I'll go along with your suggestion, once I'm done with another round of tests.

I've discovered a few bugreport that contain useful information:

See if you can find something useful to debug your issue and please let me know if you discover anything interesting.


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