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Re: Why choose Debian on server

Gene Heskett wrote:

> Can I trade the pickity nfs link in on an sshfs version? I use that here
> as its quite bulletproof. The login without the checksum files might be
> a hassle though. I'll certainly look that link over, thank you.

I don't know about sshfs - not heard that you can mount root over sshfs.
if on NFS root it speeds up testing RPI a lot. After you get the magic
combination working good, move the setup to the SD card if needed.

As for the kernel I build with cross-compiling toolchain and used qemu to
the nfs share. The RPI2B was really slow.

I look now at the notes and it feels I see them for the first time ... it
was just 4y ago.

I am very interested in the RT issues you discuss, but mostly because I know
that linux is not RT and couldn't have time to investigate, however it is
one problem for the industry/machinery.


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