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Re: kmail and encrypted mails

On Wednesday, December 26, 2018 08:45:52 AM Nicolas George wrote:
> Carl (2018-12-26):
> > OK, I literally own nitpicking.com and I wouldn't be making such
> > a big deal about the meaning of "based on."
> You should: it is a legal matter, where words have a very minute
> meaning.

It would be a sad commentary on our (are you in the US?) or any legal system 
if the meaning of "based on" could not be appropriately clarified by either a 
lawyer or a citizen.

And, I'm not sure where to find the legal definition of based on -- maybe a 

   * [[https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/base-sth-on-sth]]
base sth on sth
— phrasal verb with base uk ​ /beɪs/ us ​ /beɪs/ verb [ T usually + adv/prep ]

B1 If you base something on facts or ideas, you use those facts or ideas to 
develop it: 

> >					       Just say "When I wrote 'based
> > 
> > on' I meant 'based on the same code base.'" and move on.
> Sure: then I confirm: no, it is not.
> Regards,

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