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kmail and encrypted mails

Hi folks, 

merry christmas! 

Yesterday I stumbled over a small understanding problem.  I wanted to send an 
encrypted mail to a friend. Of course I got his public key. 

But when I want to create the mail, I got stuck. Problem: I have activated, 
that all encrypted mails shall also be encrypted by my own key, but the system 
says, I have no own key.

Ok, I could create one, but in fact, I already have a key (this mail is signed 
with it), Here is my problem:

When there is already a gpg-key crerated, why do I need another key for self 
encrypted mails? And do I need really 2 keys ( = 2 key pairs)?

IMHO kmail could use the already existent key from me, but kmail does it only 
accept as a "signing key". That looks strange and is not logically in my mind.

Maybe someone can tell me, what I am thinking wrong.

Thanks in andvance and have a happy xmas!



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