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Re: kmail and encrypted mails

On 12/26/18 12:00 AM, John Hasler wrote:
rhkramer writes:
Well, it could have been "based" (or inspired, or similar) based on
PGP even if it was newly written code.  (And my guess / recollection
from that time is that it was so "based" / inspired / whatever -- very
similar functionality.)
It was inspired by PGP and designed to be compatible.  It could not have
been based on PGP because the latter was not Open Source.  There is no
common code.

OK, I literally own nitpicking.com and I wouldn't be making such
a big deal about the meaning of "based on." Just say "When I wrote 'based
on' I meant 'based on the same code base.'" and move on.
Carl Fink

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