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Re: kmail and encrypted mails

Hans [2018-12-25 11:24:13+01] wrote:

> But when I want to create the mail, I got stuck. Problem: I have
> activated, that all encrypted mails shall also be encrypted by my own
> key, but the system says, I have no own key.
> Ok, I could create one, but in fact, I already have a key (this mail
> is signed with it), Here is my problem:

Let's look at your key:

    $ gpg --list-options show-unusable-subkeys,no-show-uid-validity \
            --list-keys Ullrich

    pub   dsa1024 2007-12-05 [SC]
    uid                      Hans-J. Ullrich [...]
    uid                      Ullrich-IT-Consult [...]
    sub   elg2048 2007-12-05 [E] [expired: 2008-12-04]

It tells us that your master key (dsa1024) has [SC] capabilities, which
means that it can create message signatures [S] and certificates [C].
The key also has a subkey (elg2048) with encryption [E] capabilities but
the subkey has expired in 2008-12-04 so it is not used anymore.

You can create a new encryption subkey if you want to add an encryption
capability: --edit-key + addkey. You can also modify the expiration date
of your existing subkey: --edit-key + key 1 + expire.

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