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Re: Question on dpkg -l output.


Thats also what the maintainer of dpkg answered me to my bug report.

On 23/12/18 6:49 μ.μ., Pascal Hambourg wrote:
Le 22/12/2018 à 02:44, aprekates a écrit :
Indeed some are virtual or pure virtual (although i dont know the diff)

But also there are packages like 'ergo' which look normal
and the only relation i think found (reason to display it) is because
libstd++6 depends on it.

Also listed packages like 'wink' not in the repos any more.

dpkg -l may show packages which are not installed but are mentionned in installed packages dependencies (Recommends, Suggests, Conflicts...) or were installed and removed but not purged (leaving config files).

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