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Re: internet outages

On 12/23/18 2:02 AM, Curt wrote:
On 2018-12-22, David Christensen <dpchrist@holgerdanske.com> wrote:
On 12/22/18 7:16 AM, Jude DaShiell wrote:
Has Linux got tools that can run while a computer runs that can poll
several sites and log internet outages?  I figure a minute down time is a
failure and have experienced several of these where my wifi connection had
to be deactivated and reactivated to have the internet connection
restored.  This is a new wifi router too.  The log would be sent into
comcast along with payment requesting credits for the down times.

I suggest:

1.  Test and verify your network cables:


I think in my particular home situation I'd rather just replace my 10
dollar ethernet cable with a new one (or swap in a new one to see if it
makes some appreciable difference) than purchase an $80 device to test
whether it's failing or not (in which former case I'd then be out $90,
which is a real nice load of money).

If you own a continuity tester or multimeter, you could build a pair of RJ-45 jacks with pigtails for a few dollars and use those to test your cables.


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