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Re: internet outages

On 12/22/18 7:16 AM, Jude DaShiell wrote:
Has Linux got tools that can run while a computer runs that can poll
several sites and log internet outages?  I figure a minute down time is a
failure and have experienced several of these where my wifi connection had
to be deactivated and reactivated to have the internet connection
restored.  This is a new wifi router too.  The log would be sent into
comcast along with payment requesting credits for the down times.

I suggest:

1.  Test and verify your network cables:


2.  Buy and read "Networking for System Administrators" by Lucas:


3. Write a shell script that invokes some standard utility (ping(8), wget(1), etc.), appends a timestamp and the utility output to a log file, sleeps for 60 seconds, and then repeats. Put the script on two hosts on opposite sides of the router, configure the router so that the hosts can see each other, and have the hosts monitor each other.

4. Keep a plain text log file of all your host and network administration activities. Timestamp your entries so that you can correlate them to the monitoring logs.


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